Community support for the open source products developed by Open Analytics is offered through a support portal at

This covers

The community is ready to help!

If the community support is not sufficient for your needs, please contact us for commercial support.

Source code

The code of all our software products is available on Github under open source licenses.

R packages

Open Analytics maintains multiple packages on CRAN and BioConductor such as

  • hNMF: hierarchical non-negative matrix factorization
  • computation of confidence intervals for Kaplan-Meier curves
  • esetVis: visualization for high-dimensional biology data
  • properties: read Java properties files (e.g. for R Service Bus applications)
  • helloJavaWorld: demonstration of embedding Java functionality inside R packages

We also maintain a package repository at with a number of utility packages or packages that have very specific purposes.

Some examples:

Our community work is discussed from time to time on our blog and shared on R-bloggers.